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"THE BEST 2012" Fair at a glance:


- The most innovative and exclusive event in the Russian market.

- 35 select educators from North America, Europe and the UK.

- Secondary schools - Hospitality Schools
- Language courses   - Art Schools
- Universities   - Language Holidays
- Prep and Foundation Programs  

- Approximately 1000 visiting families.

- Set in Moscow's historic centre, a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

- Full promotional campaign, fine-tuned to carefully considered target audiences.

- Active presentation and featuring of each participant on a variety of promotional materials from December 2011 to March 2012.

- Ararat Park Hyatt Kuznetsky Most, the ideal Moscow venue for a private education fair.



If you are interested in exhibiting or would like to discuss ways that your school or organisation can be involved in the the Fifth Annual International Education Fair "THE BEST 2012", please contact us.



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