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"THE BEST 2012"

The Fifth Annual International Education Fair


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Dear Partners,

StudyLab has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in "THE BEST 2012", the Fifth Annual International Education Fair, to be held February 11-12 in Moscow.

The fair is one of the most significant education events on the Moscow calendar, and, over the years, has become a "must" for discerning parents and children seeking quality private education, language courses, universities, or holidays abroad.

StudyLab's fair is exceptional in Moscow in terms of its visitor profile. Our visitors are knowledgeable about the market, and have chosen "THE BEST 2012" because they are seriously considering education abroad. The fair has been recognized by past participants as the most professionally organized education event, with a high rate of visitor-client conversion.

The fair presents an extraordinary opportunity to meet with potential clients in an exclusive and stimulating setting. There are many events held during the fair, providing participants with many promotional options, from seminars to a global advertising campaign.

To give you an idea of last year's event, we encourage you to view the following video: VIDEO 2011

Please find attached a selection of information about the fair.

I hope to welcome you to Moscow in February.

Yours faithfully,

Tatyana Busargina
Managing Director


- February 11-12

- 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

- Moscow, 2012

- 35 select educators

- 1000 visiting families






StudyLab Fair Project Manager

Ms. Anna Savinova
T: +7(495) 933 55 69
M: +7 916 501 14 89
E-mail: marketing@studylab.ru


Managing Director StudyLab

Ms. Tatyana Busargina
T: +7(495) 933 55 69
M: +7 (495) 776 90 30
E-mail: tanya@studylab.ru



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