Foundation Year в University of Manchester: бесценные навыки для карьеры
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Foundation Year в University of Manchester: бесценные навыки для карьеры

Имя Ярослав
Учебное заведение University of Manchester
Страна Великобритания
Программа MChem in Medicine with Medicinal Chemistry


The Foundation Year provided me with invaluable study and life skills for my university career. It helped me adjust to the culture and overcome problems with my spoken and written English.

I got access to e-learning material and was able to use the libraries the university students use. I discovered different lecture styles, how to take notes in a foreign language and how to write detailed essays. I learned about independent study.
Being able to use university labs also meant I was familiar with the place when it came to doing my undergraduate degree. I am more confident and less stressed than I would be as a result.

The staff were very friendly. They made me excited about my subject and after talking to them, I had no doubt I wanted to pursue a career in science.

I chose INTO Manchester because it is of its size, its location and because it's part of the biggest student community in Europe. It is also in the heart of Britain and a great place for sightseeing - convenient for both London and Edinburgh.
The Foundation Year showed me exactly what it means to be a student here. I'd advise new students to take advantage of all it has to offer and learn how to work hard-and play hard.

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