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February 1-2, 2014


About the Fair

StudyLab Group invites you to join our "Study Abroad Fair in Moscow" on February 1-2, 2014.

“Study Abroad Fair in Moscow” is a well-organized, professionally run & highly targeted event, attracting the families with children 7 – 20 years old, who plan to embark on a an exciting journey of studying abroad, whether this is a summer camp, an academic program at boarding school, language course or a degree program at university. The mission of the “Study Abroad Fair in Moscow” on February 1-2, 2014, is to provide an exceptional choice of high quality programs to the visitors and encourage them to book in advance.

The participating schools enjoy increased student recruitment numbers through intensive 2-days private consultations with Russian families and an extensive marketing campaign of the school in the Russian market.



Around 400 families are going to attend the “Study Abroad Fair in Moscow” with 2 children on average. These are students aged 7 – 20 years old, many of whom are StudyLab clients, who have been travelling to summer camps and languge programs with us throughout the years. During the “Study Abroad Fair in Moscow” motivated students and their supportive families will be searching for relevant programs at universities, summer camps, language programs and boarding schools in the best global educational institutions.



Around 25 reputable educational providers from the UK, USA & Europe are going to participtate at the Fair, each handpicked individually to ensure diversity and high quality of the programs provided.

- Summer schools
- Language programs: adults and juniors
- Boarding Schools
- International Colleges
- Prep & ESL courses
- Semester abroad
- Foundation & Bachelor programs
- Masters, pre-Masters, Graduate Diploma


One-to-one talks, in a relaxed, luxury setting, offer schools and visitors an opportunity to exchange ideas and meet each other's needs. For better promition we welcome schools to give out teaser classes and presentations at your discretion throughout the 2 days of the Fair. The Fair program includes refreshment breaks, daily lunch, and welcome dinner at an upscale Moscow restaurant on Saturday night.


“Study Abroad Fair in Moscow” is hosted at Ararat Park Hyatt 5* hotel in the very heart of Moscow, just a short walk from the Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre. Participants enjoy fully-equipped premises and customized wall banners with wi-fi. Personal interpreters and professional StudyLab team are at your service for the whole duration of the Fair. Marketing materials, photo, video support, and press coverage are also provided.